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F.lux is an ingenious little app available for Windows 10, previous versions, Mac and even for Linux that adjust the color temperature of your display based on the time of the day. As the sun sets, F.lux will apply warm colors and reduce the amount of blue your monitor emits that can disrupt your sleep patterns. Get f.lux - Microsoft Store UPDATE (THE CAVEAT): f.lux does not work with Google Chrome on the Surface 4. It works perfectly with Chrome and all other apps on my Windows 10 desktop, and it works fine with every app *except* Chrome on my Surface 4, but on the Surface 4, its color change does not consistently apply to open Chrome windows. f.lux for Windows warms up the screen at night & helps ... f.lux for Windows f.lux is a smartly designed tool with a lot of features that the users can benefit from. Essentially what this tool does is, it warms up the screen just before your bedtime.

F.lux vs Windows 10 Night Light [Comparison Test and Showdown] Though working late in the night on your laptop is cool, it could quickly strain your eyes. Here is feature comparison of F.lux vs Windows 10 Night Light. Windows 10 randomly freezes [FIX] If computer randomly freezes in Windows 10, first run netsh winsock reset command, then remove problematic software and disable F.lux. 5 Windows display tricks to help you focus | PCWorld

Learn how to fix Windows 10 Night Light mode if it's not working properly. This feature help reduces eye strain from blue light from computer screen. F.lux – the better alternative to Windows 10 Night Light | Innov8tiv F.lux comes with a nifty feature whereby it integrates into the Windows 10 taskbar, giving you quick access to control its settings. You can enable/disable it quickly. Other big-time Apps coming to Windows Store. Night Light disabled by playing fullscreen game in Windows 10... The Night Light feature is a blue light filter in Windows 10 Creators Update. When you are using your tablet or computer and would like to reduce F.lux-программа для защиты зрения

Windows 10's Night Light feature is pretty broken even after several major updates. First introduced in the Windows 10 Creators Update, Night Light was a welcome addition for those of us who struggle with the massive amounts of blue light leaking from our displays.

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